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A Simple Guide to Developing a WordPress Theme

At first, developing a WordPress theme might not sound like a good idea when one has the luxury of choosing from several themes that are already complete. But such themes cannot give the required outcome as they may or may not match what you need. For that purpose, you need to develop one from scratch, and we are here to tell you how. So go ahead and read our simple guide.

The Starter Theme

The best way to get started with your idea of development is to use the starter theme as a basis. Using the same will help you build a framework without having to go into the realms of design. Moreover, using this particular theme will also give you an idea of WordPress and how it functions. So choose a starter theme and move ahead to the next step in the process.

WordPress Theme

Developing a WordPress Theme

Creating a local development environment is the first step for developing a theme as it effectively lets you head in a proper direction. So install the server on your website and begin the process by using Desktop Server or anything else that you find comfortable. Once you are done with the same, you need to select the free version. Complete the registration requirements and download the installer.

Soon after installing, one can open the program and get ready to start things on a proper note. Like a few starter themes, using Underscores is quite useful, and you can just head to the website and name the theme. In case you want to customize the base theme, you can choose advanced options and proceed forward by filling out the information. Moving further, you will also have to look into the theme’s components and acknowledge how they fit together.


For this purpose, look into the template files and understand how they determine the layout and look of the content on your site. Template hierarchy is another element that you need to utilize and understand. In this manner, you will be faced with different kinds of options, and one should never think about ignoring them. So understand all that lies ahead and ensure to make the most out of the same.


The aspect of configuration can be completed by adding “hooks,” CSS, and so on. While these aspects bring in their own side of the story, you will get used to the same by trying them out for a while. Once you’re done with it, move ahead to export the theme and upload it to your site. The steps that follow are relatively easy, and you need not worry about anything. So acknowledge all that lies on this note and develop a theme that matters the most to you.

Tips to Choose the Best Template For Your Website

Choosing a template for your website is an important task that is commonly ignored for all the wrong set of reasons. Since building a website is also known to be a unique marketing strategy, one should never think about compromising on templates and taking things for granted. But one should never randomly choose a template because the presentation is another key element of marketing. Thus to help you make a decision, here are a few tips that will ensure a good outcome.

The Nature of Your Website

By all means, a template needs to be closely associated with your website because they tend to represent each other. For that purpose, one needs to look into the nature of their website before picking out a template. By keeping this in mind, your ideas will stick to a particular requirement, and your options will be narrowed down. As a result, the process will start to seem effortless, and you will be able to pick out a theme that blends with your website.


Quality Before Costs

Making compromises concerning quality is not the right approach that suits any website. While you may need to spend more than what you expected, the outcome will be favourable because you made no compromises on quality. So get this straight in your mind and understand the benefits that quality brings to the table. By moving ahead in this direction, you will be entering the market with confidence as your template will showcase things in the right manner.


A template that is flexible and quite open to changes is an essential element that you need to consider. By choosing one of this sort, you can make small tweaks to the design to make it seem like the one for your website. Due to that, while picking a template, you should always keep flexibility in mind and ensure that things are proceeding in a proper direction. As such steps manage to bring a preferred outcome, you will be glad about performing them.

SEO Friendly

Templates that are SEO friendly is another requirement and should go without saying. Since we all understand the impact and importance of SEO, our steps need to complement the same. As a result, in the unique world of marketing, you should ensure that your templates are SEO friendly because the benefit strikes your website. Apart from that, one should also think about the appeal and the different ways to raise the same.

SEO Friendly


These simple sets of tips will guide you to choose the right template, and you need to acknowledge it. So consider the same and move forward to pick a template that completes your website in every possible manner.

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